Take the chop and change lives.

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I've chopped my hair

How it Works


Commit to chopping your hair, set the date and get ready to help give kids a fair go.


Your hair will be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a long-term medical condition.


Rally the support of friends and family to help you on your Hair with Heart journey, and raise money for kids in need.


Money raised will help kids living with disability, chronic illness and disadvantage.

Get Started

Step 1

Is your hair ready for the big chop?

We are chuffed that you want to help others but we do have some guidelines.

If your hair is too short or dyed, read more about why we’re unable to accept it and where we recommend you donate it to.

Step 2

Friends and family can help support.

It’s simple to get started with your fundraising! Pick a page name. Post a picture. Write a little story about why you’re donating your hair. And that’s it! 

Thinking bigger? Why not get your school or work involved? We’ve got lots of tips and tools to get you started here.


Step 3

Make your big chop count.

Ask a hairdresser or even a friend or family member to chop your hair.

Make sure you’ve got the instructions on hand.

And don’t forget to take some before and after photos, or why not share a live video of your chop? #hairwithheart


Step 4

Donate your long locks.

With your long locks chopped, the last step is to donate them to Variety.

Complete your Hair Donation form and pop it in the post along with your ponytails.

Where & how to send your hair


Decide to make a difference today.

Fundraise for your big chop

Meet Lily, watch her video, she shows you how to donate your hair to Variety!


Kids impacted by Variety last year


Different medical conditions were supported


Amazing people fundraising


People have donated their hair

Be inspired by others like you


On my 12th birthday, I decided to cut my hair and donate it to charity as I wanted to help those who needed it more than me.


I have always wanted to donate my hair to people who don't have any. Grace also raised over $1,000 for kids in need.



This sister duo donated their hair, Claire for the second time and Gemma for the first. They also teamed fundraising with their donation. 


I wanted to do something to help kids who have lost their hair and I also have raised over $1,000 to support kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs. They are the real heroes. 

Be part of something big!  

  • Malek and Zayn just donated $78.30
  • Anonymous just donated $15.66
  • Lisa Nick & Darcy Fardell just donated $100
  • Sharon just donated $5
  • Sally just donated $32.70
  • Iris Wu just donated $10
  • Anna Cheng just donated $10.44
  • anon just donated $52.20
  • Anonymous just donated $31.32
  • Liz and Bryce Alexis just donated $50
  • Chinmay and Nehal just donated $52.20
  • Alex Brogan just donated $10
  • Katarzyna just donated $50
  • Bec & Willow just donated $52.20
  • Tony Coscarella just donated $52.20
  • Liza McN just donated $208.80
  • L Lubeek just donated $30
  • Anonymous just donated $31.32
  • Sonia Der just donated $20.88
  • Brendan just donated $41.76