Lauren's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

I’ve made the decision to take the big chop and change lives!

Those that know me, know that I’ve had long hair for a very long time. But what many of you don’t know, is that I’ve spent quite a few years growing out the hair dye so that I can donate my hair to charity! 

I’m proud to say that my hair is now 80cm long, so I will be taking the big chop & donating 50cm! 

I will be donating my hair to help provide a wig to someone who has lost their hair, as well as raising vital funds for kids in need.

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids who are sick, experiencing disadvantage or living with a disability.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support!

My Updates

I’ve updated my fundraising goal!

Sunday 22nd Oct
I am so excited to see that with still 27 days remaining, you guys have already donated a massive $4200! Thank you so much! ❤️ 
My original goal was $5000, but I fully believe that with plenty of support we can make it to $7000! How awesome would that be!
I really appreciate every donation, no matter the size ❤️ Cheers legends! 

Thanks for all the support


Rgr Road Haulage


North West Liquor - Liquor Barons Port Hedland


Hd Hair Lounge

Looking forward to chopping your hair and feel honoured that you asked us to do it :)


Rick Hockey

I could do with some hair myself, well done Lauren a great cause.


Essential First Aid Training

Good on you Loz for helping little legends cope and charge on through with their survival struggles!


Trish And Tony Barron

Well done Lauren. Selfless act to make some one very happy.



You are amazing x



So proud of you Lozz, and it’s for a good cause,


Trevor Noel Brodie

Well done Lauren great effort


Susan Byrd

So proud of you!



Target met bump it up a notch 🙌🏻


Ken Reynolds


Bottle Shop Donation Tin ??


Soft Face

For soft face


Kailah Marshall

True act of pure kindness.


Robbo & Danielle

Amazing Lauren, love your work.




Bernadette Mulhall

How amazing What a wonderful thing to do Very proud of you



This is a wonderful project that you are attending to, Way to go


Mat Stanley

An amazing thing to do. My daughter Abby did the same thing.


Bj Fleck

Awesome cause, You’re a legend !! Luv BJ & Posh


Western Power Solutions


Cliff Whitworth

Good stuff Lauren xx


Glamour In The Dust T/a Ginger Fox

This is awesome Loz




Lynda Sayers

Thanks Loz. Xxx


Paul Smeaton

Well done Loz, amazing work


Marlene B

Wishing you Shannon all the best with your donation of cutting your beautiful hair off for others. May my donation help with getting you to your Dollar Goal! ♥️


Jenny Duscher


Jess Taylor



You are fantastic 😍


Rosie Probets

Go for it Lauren!


Wiwik - Wedge St Coffee Shop


Kirsty And John Kubala

Love your work!


Dylan Perrie

Good on you


Sarah K

You are amazing !


Aaron Jacoby


Brookey Dee

Amazing work girl! So proud of you! Love you xx


Clint & Christy

Awesome work Lozz



Your an absolute legend Lozza 🥰💕



Whoohoo beautiful cause 👏 😍 amazing superwoman.


Sally Race-rodgers

Go you Beautiful soul, you'll get a few 69s from this ❤️


Paul Byrd


Matt Martin



Love your work gorgeous girl xox 💟


Blane Thompson



So proud of you my girl!


Katia Haley

Love your work Loz! What a beautiful thing you are doing xx


Jacq Sime

Legend mate 🙌🏽


Stuart Cunningham



You’re amazing! ❤️



You’re amazing! ❤️


Dad & Fliss

Good on you Loz, Fliss just showed me a picture. Dad & Fliss.


Gavin Mcrae


Krystal And Steve

You’re amazing!!


Lisa Wigby

Go Ms Lauren your an absolute legend xxxx


Troy Morrissey


Jessie Birrell

👏🏻 ❤️‍🔥



You’re amazing Jugs xx



On ya loz


Caf Allan

Chop chop 🪓🪓 and cheers 🍻 to you Lozzy!! What a legend person doing a legend thing!!


Micheline Wiles-pickard


Tahnee (your Cele-babe)

You’re amazing girl!


Amy Mann



You're a bloody legend Loz 🙌🏽



So proud of you mate! Xx


John Boersma

Good cause.



Im so proud of you and I'm so excited for you also. Slay hoe


Hg Wells

Here's to your bravery and commitment to reach your goal and fundraise for those in need. Go Girl 👧 👏 I think you'll rock the new look.



Such an awesome thing to do gorgeous. Your generosity is amazing! Such an inspiration to us all. Good on you Loz. Luv ya! Xxx


Gold Coast Boersmas

Helping a good cause and getting a load off your shoulders. Well done Lauren!!!! 😎👍🏻




Craig Head

Bloody ripper


Mariska Adams

Such a beautiful act of kindness Lauren🥰


Jayne Wymer

It's a beautiful thing to do Missy Moo! Sending many blessings your way! Love n ((HUGS)) xo






Britt Smeed


Sybren En Sue

Way to go Lauren❣️



Go you ❤️


Peter Oliver



Your a bloody super star lauzzy


Rhonda Boersma

Good on you Lauren , so proud !


Georgina Cunningham


Wendy Bond

Your so brave and for such a good cause xx


Melanie Lusher

Amazing lady. A truly beautiful gift x


Kelly G


Tineke Thurlow

Good for you Shannon!



Wonderful Loz, doing it for the kids 🩷


Meredith Epps


Mocaela Caratti




Lauren Shannon




Tracey-janene Bradford