Team Snotbags's Big Chop

We're chopping our hair and need your help!

We’ve made the decision to take the big chop and change lives!

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids who are sick, experiencing disadvantage or living with a disability.

We will be donating our hair to help provide a wig to someone who has lost their hair, as well as raising vital funds for kids in need.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks for all the support


Cameron Turnbull

Well done Lee, Ben & Jess! What a great cause. We cannot wait to see the final results! From the team at RGM


Family Donation Tin


Kai Gray


Jason Single

Happy birthday 😊


Jamie Collins


Lisa Laaman




Biggest props to one of the best chicks I know.


Lee Lee

Much love my fellow Snotbag, much love x


Pete And Lisa

❤️ so proud of you


Lee Single


Dalene Wilson

Proud to call you “My Friend “


Kerry Carter

You go Girl.💜




Steph Ewin

This is a really awesome thing to do Lee!! You go girl ❤️


Maxine Maria Doyle

Amazing gift from an amazing lady.





Mel Dearmer

Sending love to all of you. I know that feeling like you need to do something practical and meaningful and how it can help ease what is a shit time, but this one is epic - good on you xoxo


Steph Ewin

Good job Ben supporting Lee like this 👍


Steph Ewin

Good job Jess, go team Snotbags


Ash Crothers

I'm looking forward to your new look.🤪


Jess Boston


Debbie Gae Bullen


Debbie Gae Bullen

Hope this helps to make a difference


Jo G

Looking forward to seeing the results


Robert Kendrick

You need a hat 😜


Sandra Thorn

Well done ! It will make a difference, your dad would be proud. Your hair is beautiful too. Great job.


Gayle&peter Lucas

.To Team Snotbags Hope you raise lots of money


Mark Smith

Go team snotbags


Suzanne Smith

Go Snotbags.


Scott O'neill




Lisa Laaman

Go girl❤


Rachael Uryszek



A big happy happy 40th birthday, what a great thing you are doing xx❤️


Glenda And Wayne Lovett


Vicki Halliwell


Megan Ashton