Olly's Big Chop

Hi everyone, it's time to chop my mullett!! Every year I cut and donate for wigs for kids, I would love your support! September is Alopecia awareness month, and I would love some other kid to have a great mullet wig made of my hair✨️

I’ve made the decision to take the big chop and change lives!

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids who are sick, experiencing disadvantage or living with a disability.

I will be donating my hair to help provide a wig to someone who has lost their hair, as well as raising vital funds for kids in need.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support!

My Updates

I did it!!

Thursday 21st Sep
Today I chopped my mullett 

Thanks for all the support



Well done 👍 your a trooper


Brett & Mareta Porter

Your such a big ❤️ Ollie.


Helen Finn

Well done Olly! So proud of you mate!!



What a little champ you are Olly. Such a selfless thing to do. Well done 💙


Nancy And James

Well done Olly!! Super proud xx


Auntie Kat

Well done Olly! We are so proud of you, love Julia, Rory and Auntie Kat ❤️


Carrie Dewing

Well done Olly. You are such a kind boy. ❤️ Dewings


Maureen & Clive Tonkin

Well done Olly!



Well done Olly from Dad x





Well done Olly, little champ 😊


Jasmine & Koen

Awesome work Olly 👏 absolutely super star! ❤



Well done Olly, what an amazing thing you do


Michelle Gilmore

Such a kind thing to do, you're a wee star Olly 🌟



You are amazing Olly



Wish I could donate more but everything helps, I salute you for being a shining soul in this world.


Joanne Davison

Way to go, Olly - such a great cause! Love Gavin, Joanne, Drew & Rob


Cathy Campbell

Nice work Olly ... a mullet with a mission, love Cathy " 💖



We are so proud of you Olly, your such a kind and compassionate generous boy, so glad we are your biggest fans lots of love Mum, Ricko, Callum, Billy, Kenny & Birdy


Julie Mac

Great stuff Olly



Way to go Olly ! Bravo 👏 👏 👏


Kyrahlea Covington

Go olly bolly


Mary Brandis

Way to go Olly!