Imogen & Amber's Big Chop

Long hair - 2 Big Hearts

This is the third time Imogen will be donating her long thick hair for charity, and the first time for her little sister Amber!

We have made this decision to make a difference, our hair will be made into a wig for another child who has lost their hair due to medical conditions. 

We will be chopping off 36 cms each.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids in need.

My Updates


Thursday 26th Nov
Miss doughnut slurpilish & Crazy cat lady 😍
School held a crazy hair day to support the girls fundraising efforts. They were both ment to attend with short hair 😭😭😭
Amber's is still unwell at home, so her class had a chat with her over zoom, she was pretty happy to see her friends!

The girls haircut sadly postponed

Thursday 26th Nov
The special day planned for Wednesday 25th Nov was regrettably be postponed. 
Little Amber has been struck down by a very nasty tummy bug, and has been unwell for a number of days. 
The girls are committed to going through this together, fingers crossed they won't have to wait much longer🤞
Thankyou for your support and patience everyone ❤

Pretty popular news article in our household tonight 😍

Wednesday 4th Nov

Thanks again to each of you who have been able to support us in some way 😘

Ready for the big chop!!

Friday 23rd Oct
We have 2 hairdressers and our venue booked. Counting down the days until our hair cuts 💇‍♀️💇‍♀️
Show us support if you can, we are aiming to raise $2000💕

Thanks for all the support


Richardson & Wrench Lithgow

Well done Imogen & Amber, your fundraiser is awesome!


The Lolly Bug

Well done girls!


Kevin Large


Mum And Dad <3

We are so amazed by you two beautiful girls. You make us proud everyday!! Love Mum and Dad xxx


Leanne Walding

What an amazing act of kindness you are doing Imogen and Amber - you will make people smile and brighten their day! xxx Simply beautiful


Bev Matthews

Well done girls


Mum And Dad

Congratulations girls, you make us so incredibly proud to be your parents xxx


Lithgow Locksmiths


Nan And Pop Jameson

So proud of my beautiful granddaughters xxxx You are very special 😘


Vanetta And Hayley

Children helping children in need. So admirable.


Kas Hilton

Thank you for your generosity and compassion, Imogen and Amber. You’re wonderful role models ❤️❤️


Jasmine Worobez


Renae Parkinson

Well done girls what a beautiful thing to do for a great cause you both definitely have big hearts xx from Jason Renae and Memphis xx



Well done girls 💜


Shaun Smith

Awesome girls, come and see us soon


Leanne Walsh

Best wishes on the fundraising. Well done 👏🏼


Criss And Will

Great job girls 💙


Mitchell Large

Awesome work girls! Don’t cut too much hair off or you’ll look like uncle Garry😉


Deb, David And Milly

Well done Imogen and Amber. What a very generous thing for you to do. Good luck with the fundraising.


Kylie Hazell

Well done girls what a beautiful thing to be doing.


Tyra Mcmanus


Cheryl Gatt


Fran Fergusson

Fantastic effort Imogen and Amber.


Brenda Constable

This is becoming a very special tradition, keep it up girls


Kristy Houlison

Great work girls!!!


Kyle Large

Good luck with the haircut


Heidi Inwood

What a wonderful thing to do. You girls are awesome. Heidi xxx


Terrene Parker

Way to go Imi & Amber 💕 Beauty comes from within, and what a beautiful kind act you are both planning to do. We will be thinking of you both on the big day. Love Terrene, Shaun, Cade, Finn & Jaymie xx


Toni Trotter

Well done


Matthew Large

Well done girls - lots of love from cousin Space Elmo


Toni Dean

Well done girls!


Nan And Pop Large

Well done girls, very proud of you both



Well done girls, you both should feel very proud of yourself xx


Karen Edwards

Great job girls <3


Cheryl Rutherford

I’m very proud of your achievements BRAVO


Cathy And Dia Macnamara

Congratulations, Imogen and Amber xo



Bravo girls!! I am so proud of you amazing girls!!


Linda Aylott

Good luck girls


Chrystal, Craig And Harrison

Great work girls!


Maree Paine

That's a wonderful thing you girls are doing, you are inspirational!!