Harper's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

I'll be chopping off 35.5cm on Thursday 26th November.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids in need.

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Harpers big chop

Thursday 26th Nov
I was nervous of chopping off my hair but now I am proud of doing it because of the donations I have been able to raise. You can still donate, click on the link below. We were amazed to find out just 1 wig costs a family $6000, so happy we could contribute in some way to make it a little easier.

Harpers big chop

Tuesday 24th Nov

Thanks for all the support


Roslyn Lawless

What a lovely thing to do Harper xo


Jaimie Johnstone

Well done Harper!


Misty Thresher


Ann Thresher

Well done so proud of you Harper. We love 💕 you. Nana & Gramps


Lucy Atkins

Well done Harper! You’re doing a lovely things for others. We are very proud of you. Love the Atkins Fam


Sally Clark


Kobi Lachmund

So proud of you Harper xxx


Korina Mckenzie


The Pirate ???? Wizard ????

Awesome❤️mine might be longer now!!❤️Ajay&Eliza


Mum And Dad

So excited to see you doing a lovely act sharing your beautiful mermaid hair with someone in need. You will make another kid so happy 💓


Auntie B, Uncle Chad, Marley & Cole

Yay Harper! Such a brave and kind thing to do! We love you and miss you lots xo


Julie & Trevor Woff

What a lovely thing to do Harper. Lots of love Aunty Julie and Woffy xxx




The Wiskens

Well done! Such a precious gift x


Marlee, Cooper And Riley Cook

What a beautiful gesture Harper! Love the Cooks x


Kristie & Josh

You are such a beautiful girl Harper and will put a big smile on another child and their families face! Lots of love Kristie and Josh xx


Tiff Vincent

Such an amazing gesture Harper, you should be so proud of yourself.



What a special thing to do Harper, from Elly and Ava


Leah Cameron

Great job Harper.



Well done Harper love nana xx