Charlotte's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

Hi I’m Charlotte I am 14  and I’ve made the choice to donate my hair to be made into a wig, for someone who has lost their hair due to an illness! 💕

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Amazing family and friends

Monday 24th Aug
Thank you all so much for your support!!
I will be getting my hair cut at the State Championship for Carriage Driving in Peterborough SA on Sunday 4th October 2020.
I will be sure to post photos and possibly a video of “The Big Chop”.
Looking forward to the main event! Luv ya all!! Xx 

Thanks for all the support


Gpcda And Friends


Mum And Dad

Never been more proud! Luv you forever! Xx


Robyn Mclean

Avenues College is proud to have students like you, Charlotte. Your generosity and courage are appreciated.


Nan & Grumpy Tyas

Luv you to pieces!!!!


Sonja Baumer

Great decision


Uncle Steve And Aunty Nicki

So proud of you Charlotte 🙂


Avenues Staff

Group donation from some of the staff at school! Liane, Alex, Alissa, Molly, Aska and Linda.


Liz Trigg


Sam Gage

Happy late birthday!



Well done for taking part in such a great cause😀.


Kathy Farrell

Good on ya Charlotte !! 💕🥰


Dianna Edwards

You are amazing. X


Kate And Ben Farrell


Larni Edwards

Im very proud of you and what you are doing. Love Larni


Aunty Sam

So proud of you Charlotte xxxx




Nan & Grumpy Tyas

Luv you to pieces


George Krotiris

Good on ya!!!!!!!!


Helena Sweeney

What a wonderful gift!


Leonie Tyck

What an awesome job you’re doing. I’m soooo proud of you xxx


Lorna Mclean

Well done Charlotte! You are my hero! My good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 23 last year and one of the things that made her feel happier during treatment was getting her wig made so she didn't scare her students when she returned to work. Thank you!


Alex Passaris

Go Charlotte!


Penny O'dowd


Nalika Van Rysingen


Helena S

You go, girl!!!! (If you want a ponytail again, ask your grandparents to organise one for you!) Good on you!


Caleb Farrell

Go Charlotte!


Susan Cockshell

What a lovely thing to do, your big chop shows your big heart!


Karyn Pavlovich


Linda Scaife

Ur are amazing


Kelly Clarkin

Super proud!


Mr Zimbardi

Well Done Charlotte for supporting a great cause. From Mr Zimbardi


Sonja Wilson

You go girl!


Katrine Graham


Charlotte Farrell


Dylan D


Jennifer Phan


Miss Perry