Charlotte's Big Chop

It’s time for me to have the big chop again. It’s been 4 years since the last big chop!

I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair again to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition. 

I'll be chopping off just over 40cms of hair. 

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids in need.

My Achievements

Made a self-donation

Received 5 donations

Received 10 donations

Raised 50% of goal

Raised 100% of goal

Raised over $1500

My Updates

We have reached another goal!

Tuesday 5th Apr
I can’t believe we reached my second fundraising goal. Thank you again to everyone who has donated. 

One more day until the big chop.  I can’t wait. 


Tuesday 29th Mar
Thank you very much  to everyone who has donated so far!  

I am blown away your generous donations, helping me smash my second goal of $200. 

Hair Appointment booked!

Sunday 27th Mar
I’m very excited, mum booked my hair cut appointment. Only 9 more days. 
It’s happening in the school holidays so I will go back to school with a totally different look.  Our school photos got delayed too so now I will have my hair cut  for my school photo! 

Thanks for all the support


Rose Dash

So proud of you my little great Niece. You are kind and compassionate and still so young. So much greatness to come ! Love you


Paul Barrett

Very proud of you Charlotte. Love dad


Victoria Scilipote

Well done Charlotte. What an absolute beautiful, caring young lady you are.🥰


Rachel Andrews

Good luck Charlotte. What a beautiful thing you are doing <3



You’re a very special girl


Marcia Forbes

You’re doing something really wonderful


Charlotte Barrett


Glen Tangey

Good on you Charlotte! Your beautiful hair will be appreciated I’m sure. Xx



You’re doing an awesome thing! Can’t wait to see your new look 💇‍♀️😎🤩 Love Lew, Summer, Annabelle and Zarlie


Carolyn Hall

Keep up the good work earth angel xx


Margaret Golding

Best Wishes to you Charlotte, in all that you are trying to do for others. You are an amazing young Lady. Congratulations!!! 💝


Ash Liddell

What a beautiful thing to do Charlotte 💕


Christine Mckenzie

Well done Charlotte. What a great cause.


Weston Family

Amazing Charlotte. What a wonderful cause xx


Bec Mckay

Way to go Charlotte


Alex Derickx

A great cause! Well done, Charlotte ☺️