Briahna's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

I'll be chopping off 36cm on 20 November 2022.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids in need.

My Achievements

Made a self-donation

Received 5 donations

Received 10 donations

Raised 50% of goal

Raised 100% of goal

Raised over $1500

Thanks for all the support


Mum And Dad

Congratulations Briahna. Mum and dad are so proud of you and your achievement. You have an amazing heart and personality and this is an amazing thing you are doing. It will never be forgotten. Well done honey. Love mum and dad xox


Rishon Prasad

Hi Briahna, we really appreciate you for doing this kind deed. We are with you.



Well done Briahna! Such a wonderful gesture. I know you have been growing your hair for a while now. Blessings to you!


Kathryn Allan

What an amazing person you are Briahna! Thank you for sharing your light and warmth with this world. You are a true example of compassion and mercy.


Taylah Cartmel

What a beautiful cause. Briahna, you truly make this world a better place!


Rachel Miranda

Wow Briahna! You have grown into such a thoughtful, caring, loving person. I love seeing pictures of you and Lexi. God Bless you both.


Amelie K



Carl And Nunila

Very kind of you Briahna.


Uncle, Aunty, Ella And Ivy

You are doing an amazing thing Bri!!



Well done Briahna! I know you've been diligently growing your locks for a while now to be able to donate. Super proud, and can't wait to see your new hairdo soon.


Linda Draven


Xavier Schmidt

Hello Briahna, I’m so proud to call you my friend. You are so courageous. Congratulations on reaching your goal.


Laura Snyman

Well done Briahna, I am so proud of you. I love how thoughtful you are. A huge light shines in you.


Sam Dickins


Judith Hurndell

Nana and poppy are so proud of you for your generous heart for donating your hair.


Karen Camp

Good on you!


Amaya Greentree

Hi Briahna, You are very kind hearted and I’m very lucky that you are my best friend. From Amaya 💕


Carter Meavao

Hi, Brianna what a great cause, you are very smart and kind. You can do very amazing things and can be a great friend to everyone. Carter ♡♡♡


Judi Crook

So proud of you Brianna Hurndell …it is such a brave thing to do !!! 💕Well done ✅


Tahli Devine

You really are such an inspiration Briahna. Well done


Annette Hodkinson

WOW Bri, what an amazing goal and an amazing donation, well done 💗


Emma And Mike Lopes

Well done Bri!



What a true inspiration you are.


Leo Mastena

Very happy to help you with this great cause.