Azalea's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

I’ve made the decision to take the big chop and change lives!

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports kids who are sick, experiencing disadvantage or living with a disability.

I will be donating my hair to help provide a wig to someone who has lost their hair, as well as raising vital funds for kids in need.

Every gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks for all the support


Needham Ainsworth

Way to go Azalea xoxo


Jude Needham

I am so lucky to have a little sister like you 😁


Mummy And Daddy Xoxo

Well done and we are super proud of you.



You’re a superhero Azalia - the world is blessed to have you. Well done and all best wishes!


Nam Ly

From Ong Ngoai


Fiona Lam

We’re so proud of you amazing Azalea! 🩷🌺


Ba Ba

Good job




Azalea Needham




Ba Ngoai


Ben And Hester Tang

Go Azalea! Good on you


Bec Tang

Well done Azalea!! We’re so proud of you 🥰




Jonathan Lee

Good on you Azalea!


Christopher T Lee

Amazing work Azalea!!!



Good on yah