Arathei's Big Chop

Hi, I'm Arathei from Parramatta High School!

I'm chopping my hair and need your help! A massive part of every person's identity is their hair. We spend a huge part of our lives tending to it and making it nice and presentable to express ourselves. Of course, while I value that, we need to realise there are so many people who do not have that privilege. So, I arrived at the decision to make the big chop and donate my hair to Variety - The Children's Charity.

Variety is a charity that makes wigs and basically helps to support kids who deal with alopecia and other disabilities/diseases. They change lives every day and I genuinely wanted to be part of that. I wanted to be a part of putting a smile on someone's face. 

However, if I am to do this, I definitely want to make sure this count!  Hence, by donating to Variety the Children's charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to children in need. Thank you for helping me help kids in need!

My Achievements

Made a self-donation

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Raised over $1500

My Updates

All Chopped!!

Tuesday 21st Jul
I've had my chop! All done at Hairhouse Warehouse Parramatta (thank you so much Sophie, you are amazing). It's going to take a while to adjust and learn how to style this thing, you know- rather than just throwing it into a ponytail? BUT I feel really really happy to know that my hair will be put to good use. Thank you everyone for your love, support and encouragement. Since we reached our goal, I have decided to push it up by another $500, because I know with everyone's help we can do it!

The chop is near!

Wednesday 15th Jul
My big day has come close!! Only one more sleep until my hair is sent off to help someone in need of it!!

Thanks for all the support


Sittampalam Family

Awesome Arathei We are proud of you


Mahadeva Padmasiri

Well Darling Arathei . Stay Blessed. Pappu Mama & Abisaini



Well done Arathei


Pradesha Thomas

What an amazing cause! Good job Arathei!


Shan Kumaralingam


Rohini Vimalarajah

Very proud of you Arathei. God bless you.


Haran Kanagasabai

Well done Arathei. Keep up your good work!



Great effort


Jayanthy Surenthra

All the best for your Fundraising Arathei!!!


Vasanthakumary Puvanendiranathan

I am so proud of you Arathei


Antenit Jesuthasan


Chaarun Kopathidas

Well done Arathei 👍


Manickam Selvakumar

Well done Arathei. Very proud of you.


Kirthana Akka

Amazing! So proud of you Arathei :) Need pics please


Soundar Theiva


Aaron Ribeira

Good luck !!


Kumuthini Ragavan

Wish you all the very best Arathie. Can’t believe you have grown up so much to think about under privileged. All the best darling.


Suganthan Thiruneelakandan

We are so happy for you taking part in this cause. We are really really proud of Kaluthae.


Vasuki Thiru

All the best Arathei, it's a great cause!


Shiyama Srithas

Good Job Arathei


Kannamma Shantharajah


Renila Bernard

Well done


Bede Mariadasan

Good work



Good luck dear god bless


Thiviya Thavayogarajah

All the best Arathei :)


Jass Lawyers


Prian Anandan


Nishitha Sritharan

Good luck Arathei 💕 so proud of you xx