Gemma's Big Chop

I'm chopping my hair and need your help!

I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

I'll be chopping off 40 cm.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids in need.

My Achievements

Made a self-donation

Received 5 donations

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Raised over $1500

My Updates

Thanks Everyone!

Monday 26th Oct
Thanks everyone for your support and donations. I'm now sporting a bob and my hair is ready to be posted off to Variety Club. Donations can still be made. I really appreciate how generous my family, friends and even people I do not know, have been. I'm sure Variety club will put my hair and the donations to good use helping kids. 

Wow, people are so generous !

Thursday 22nd Oct
Thanks to all the amazing and generous people who have donated this week. In my next post, I'll be sporting a much shorter hair style.....

Thank you to everyone who has already donated!

Monday 12th Oct
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. You are very generous. Hopefully all the money and my hair donation will help sick children. 

Thanks for all the support


Cowley Family

Great job Gem.


Christine Greig

To Gemma, Love you. In memory of grandfather and nana Cronin.


Nicole Greig

Very thoughtful of you Gemma. A very proud Aunty 💕💜



Well done Gem, I love you to the moon and back!


Belinda Keys

Gem, I am so proud of you! Love Mum


Kind Cash Donations



We think You are amazing Gemma Love Myah and Kian


Patrick, Sarah And Hayden X

We think you are amazing Gemma!!


Leah Greig

Great job Gemma. Very proud of you. Love Aunty Leah and Livvy.


Kevin Greig

Gemma, "That's my girl, good job" Love Pop


Ky Dodd

So proud of you Gem xx



Very thoughtful thing to do Gemma. Very proud.


Christine Greig

So proud of you Gemma, love Nanny


Anh Tran

You are amazing Gemma!



The most amazing thing I've ever seen in my entire life! :) So very proud...


C. Keys

Go Gemma, love Grandma & Ted


Vicki N

Good on you Gemma. You’re so giving and thoughtful!


Bobbi Young


Georgia M

What a beautiful thing to do! Much love coming your way Gemma.


Antonia Tsekas

Gemma you are very brave cutting your lovely long hair to help other kids. I'm sure you'll be putting lots of smiles on their faces.



Way to go, Gemma!!!! You’re fantastic and amazing!


Baidaa Sadik

So proud of you Gemma



So proud of you Gem!


The Keys Family

What a great cause! Well done Gemma xxx



So proud of you Gem. ❤️


Teresa Moreno

Gemma you are an amazing girl with a big heart and a beautiful smile.


Katerina Tlais

Well done Gemma


Tina (gemma's Hairdresser)

Well done Gemma, from Tina


Lorena Spaller

Well done Gemma!


Lynne Zapata

So proud of you Gemma. What a sweet thing to do! xx



What a beautiful idea Gemma. Well done x


Rebecca Cambridge

Beautiful gesture.