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Thursday 18th Jun
Hey there! 
I’m Barbra and I am emotionally tied to my hair 🤫. I have decided to do a big chop! I will donate 35.5 cm of my hair to Variety. Variety produces wigs for young kids with a range of 200 different diseases that can cause hair loss.

Did you know that one specialised wig costs well over $6000 and lasts for 2-3 years? Hair loss can undeniably have profound psychological effects, especially for young girls and adolescents. It is not about the hair, it’s about what the hair makes you feel...cute, beautiful, lively. 

This is about helping someone get something they dream about....will you help me?

Thanks for all the support



You’ve got my support gorgeous ❤️



What a beautiful idea! Your kindness will touch the lives of many :) xx


Daoud Grgis

Love U …. go on U will have my support


Moody Rashed

Love it!! 🙏🏽


Stefan Damjanac

Here we go


Emma Madden


Mary Soliman

Go Barbie!!



God bless you habibi, so proud of you.


Emma Kalebic



Well done! Xoxo


Evette Beshai



Every little thing counts!


Kathleen Obcemane